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Human Behaviour

In my life experiences many times I have had the opportunity to witness different types of degenerate human behaviour from bullying, women/men turning aggressive towards someone just because they will not have sexual intercourse with them, silly name calling, racism, greed, hatred, jealousy, deceitfulness and plain stupidity to name a few. My recent experiences are where I currently work. A girl playing games with 2 boys, possibly 3 or more, going from one boy to another, while doing so trying to make me jealous or angry. Through this stupidity they fail to realise that I truly do not care one iota about what they do or about this girl. I truly have no wish to sleep with her or play her silly games or the games of the boys who take things from the machine I am working on behind my back. Being this way these human beings truly show their true colours. Turning nasty towards a person simply because they cannot get what they want or their tricks are not working on a person.

Through their childish thinking and their opinion that I do not know what they are doing they think I am stupid. This however is truly not my responsibility as solely each human being is solely responsible for their thoughts, feelings and actions. I question whether these persons can truly control their thoughts, feelings and actions much, as they continue in the same degenerate way daily.

This degenerate human behaviour, like most degenerate human behaviour, is not cleaver and does not show signs of a highly evolved Spirit-form, highly evolved consciousness related evolution. These acts do not make a person look big, hard, manly or womanly but truly shows how much they do not know about life and how to be a true human being. These human beings still have a lot to learn and a lot of development regarding their own consciousness forms, control of their thinking, their feelings and their actions and further to take responsibility for them. No human being truly makes another human being do something. Each human being decides themselves what they will do through the freewill of each human being's material consciousness block and their own thoughts.

Eduard Meier predicted that it will take the earth human being another 800 years to truly start to think logically, in a logic way. When I look around at the earth human being I can understand this to be true not only from the degenerate human behaviour but also from the fact that the earth human being destroys his planet through the root cause, overpopulation, and continues to do so until everything becomes so much worse for them. The illogical way of thinking of the earth human being and the causes and effects this creates only truly spells out negative outcomes for the earth human being. Unfortunately all life is suffering because of the illogical thinking of the earth human being. Further the earth human being fails to recognise the truth of Creation, even when the 7th final prophet with the help of the Plejaren have set down once again the teaching of truth, teaching of spirit, teaching of life, but places gods, tin gods and idols above Creation and worships them through many different religious ideologies. These religious ideologies enslave the human being's consciousness and thoughts through the willingness of the human being himself, who chooses to allow themselves to be manipulated into servitude.  If only the earth human being would understand that the religions that plague the earth today have been created by human beings who wanted power over the earth and to keep the earth human being living in fear of an imaginary god, tin god and idol and keep them in ignorance of the truth of Creation and reincarnation of the Spirit-form. Ignorance of the true meaning of life.