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The Circle For Humanity


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Dear readers,

In order to better understand the measures, which the CFH suggests to curb overpopulation, do please first study the following two articles

1/ Crusade Against Overpopulation:
2/Population Growth:

Curbing the excessive climbing of human population is a difficult but necessary endeavour.
The issue of human reproduction and population is a delicate question, above which an opaque taboo hangs.
Many religious beliefs and teachings encourage human reproduction; governments encourage human reproduction in order to strengthen the economy and increase the work forces;... and so on...

Human reproduction is natural and is important to the survival of humanity; too many humans, however, overloads the planet in all areas.  This overloading of Earth is also a crucial factor of our ability to survive.

If Earth cannot sustain a healthy human population in balance with the environment and all animal and plant life then this threatens all life and the sustainability of the whole eco-system. The deterioration of Earth's natural abilities to sustain life could be caused by the abusive exploitation, overuse and stress of Earth's resources by any given overpopulated species.
We, humans, are the species principally responsible for this extreme deterioration.

The root of all climatic, environmental, social, economic, food, water and land problems; wars, extreme earthquake, abject criminality... can be logically linked to human overpopulation: the more humans there is, the more these problems become increasingly apparent and threatening.
The direct consequence of the uncontrolled growth of human population and needs is the increase in range and gravity of these problems, from which an irreparable collapse of Earth's ability to sustain life could ensue. A course towards a certain extinction, thus.

The CFH is convinced, that the best way of tackling and curbing the worldwide human overpopulation is the worldwide and simultaneous implementation of the program of birth control, underlined in the chapter 'Required Worldwide Measures' of the work 'A Crusade Against Overpopulation:

Minimum age for marriage

  1. Female: 25 years
  2. Male: 30 years

Minimum age to produce offspring

  1. Female: 28 years
  2. Male: 33 years

Criteria for procreating

  1. An existing marriage of at least 3 years
  2. Proof of a healthy, harmonious marriage
  3. Proof of irreproachable conduct of the marriage partners
  4. Proof of ability to raise children
  5. Proof of health no hereditary and infectious diseases, no addiction to illegal or prescription drugs or to alcohol, etc.
  6. No affiliation with extremist or subversive groups

Maximum number of children:

3 children per marriage

Birth control intervals

7 years worldwide, total ban against births
1 year procreation consent (with permission)
7 years worldwide, total ban against births
1 year procreation consent (with permission ) to be carried out in this
manner until the world’s population has reached a diminished
and normal level of 530,000,000, or at least less than 1-Billion

Subsequently: Measures concerning the permission to marry and procreate remain in force, but the 7-year cycle of birthrate check is omitted.

To remain in force:

3 children per marriage (or 3 foster/adopted children)

Penalties for violations

  1. Fines equivalent to 10 annual salaries for both offenders
  2. Sterilization of both offenders
  3. Castration of offenders involving assault or rape, etc. The offenders are segregated from society and by gender for life.
  4. The offenders’ children are taken away from the parents and raised by the state through foster/adoptive parents

(Note: see the chapter 'Required Worldwide Measures' in the abovementioned major work, 'A Crusade Against Overpopulation'.)

It is important to note, that The Circle For Humanity does not advocate or support any form of depopulation which involves murder, war, starvation, poverty or any other degenerate or inhumane actions. No one alive today needs to die for the cause of reducing overpopulation!

The Circle For Humanity also understands und assumes, that not all countries will take up the challenge of tackling and reducing overpopulation at once  -  and as clearly indicated in the introduction to the chapter 'Required Worldwide Measures', "This is just one possibility among many!".

Other ways are envisageable and acceptable for the CFH, as long as they are and remain ethical, democratic and lawful.

The following strategy, which i developed together with Mr. Francisco Villate, is an example of such a workable, alternative solution.

Phase 1: Raise awareness of all countries and their citizens about overpopulation
Phase 2: A few countries take specific actions to control overpopulation
Phase 3: All countries take synchronized actions to control overpopulation. Population growth is under control and moving towards acceptable levels.

Phase 1 -  where we are at now.

Many organizations, groups and individuals across the globe are trying to demonstrate and raise awareness  on the overpopulation problems and all problems that come forth from overpopulation.

( Note: The Circle for Humanity works hard to gather evidence of the vast problems caused by overpopulation. Raising awareness by contacting governments, NGO's, other groups, health organisations, famous individuals, media, religious institutions and anyone we think could build on and act upon the evidence and information we present.)

Phase 2 -  what we would like to see happening on Earth today.

This phase is long overdue and is an important step towards the reduction of human numbers on Earth. 
This phase can only be started by the policy makers in respective countries.

Within phase 2, with 2, 3, 4 up to 50-100 countries, governments and citizens of countries, acknowledging the reality of overpopulation, based on scientific and logical information, implementation policies would be formulated.

The implementation of phase 2 would benefit the well being of the citizens of participating countries.  Also benefiting from phase 2 would be nature, animals, plants and Earth.  A reduction in human numbers decreases the problems that results from overpopulation.

Phase 3 -  the goal of the proposed implementation of a regulated worldwide democratic birth control.

All countries leaders and citizens actively supporting and complying to the proposed birth control measures with no exceptions.  Phase 3 will be where human population starts to decline globally.

The longer humans leave the climbing overpopulation unchecked, the longer it will take to reduce overpopulation.

Overpopulation of Earth by our species is very serious and threatens all life forms. 
The resulting problems are effecting our way of life today and will increasingly effect our life in the future. Children who are alive today will live a different life when they reach the age of retirement. Many adults will see changes on Earth in the next decades. These changes are not for the better.


"If the current rate of population growth continues, humanity will deplete the Earth of all her resources and cause its own extinction."
Source -
"If things go business as usual, we will not live, We will die." Maldives President Mohamed Nasheed.
Source -
“Overpopulation means that we are putting more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than we should" Dr. Allan P. Drew, a forest ecologist.
Source -
“If we don't halt population growth with justice and compassion, it will be done for us by nature, brutally and without pity - and will leave a ravaged world." Nobel Laureate Dr. Henry W. Kendall
Source -

Written by Stephen Moore on behalf of The Circle For Humanity

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